Saturday, May 1, 2010

Easy Tricks To Getting Women

Ever felt like getting women is impossible? Ever felt like its too much? Ever felt frustrated and mad with how it seems like work, and how women don't seem to appreciate it? Well, I have done it too at times in the past, but I've found some really cool tricks to get a woman. Do you wanna know what these tricks are? Read on as I share my 3 favorite ones.

1. Indifference - A task is only hard so far as you have emotional attachment to the outcome. What this simply means is if you care how it turns out or not. Let me give you an obvious example... When you're checking email, are you worrying if maybe you'll get 3 emails today instead of 4? Of course not, you don't care or even think about it. We all get so many emails from random newsletters, spammers and all kinds of websites. So, your attitude is more like, let me go and check if there is something useful here. Oh cool, I got email from a friend or... Oh I got a bunch of ads, whatever.Well, you can have the same mindset with getting women. If your mindset is... "hmmm, that's a cool looking woman, I'll go and check out what she's like, and see if she's cool", then you will feel indifferent no matter what happens. If she loves you great (interesting email), if she's boring whatever, if she's mean, ya, another one of those spam emails. Have this attitude that you're just checking out what women are like and life will be a helluva lot easier.

2. Pretend You Got It - One extremely interesting trick I've found in getting women is to pretend like you already do. What do I mean by this? I've found that if you act-as-if you're a super-hot guy that has hundreds of girlfriends, women will actually respond well to you. I know it sounds too easy to work, but it does. Try it if you don't believe me. Just imagine you're James Bond or some kind of a player. Go out to a place where no one knows you, and just pretend you're on a movie screen, playing James Bond. How would you walk? What kind of a smug, cocky expression would you have on your face? How would you look at women? How would you talk to women? Just try it out, and see how women respond to you.

3. Just Being Social - I might be repeating a point here, but you really want to be desire-less when getting women. If you approach women with an intent of "Oh wow, I have to get a number here!" it will just fail. The best mindset I have found is to treat it as "just socializing". You're not trying to pick up women, you're not trying to get women. You are just being social. You're going around, having fun, meeting people (some of whom happen to be hot women), and you could care less if it leads to more than friendship. I mean of course, you are conscious of any signs that the woman wants something more, and you make use of them. But you treat them more like a bonus, rather than something you must have.

My recommendation for you is to basically use all these 3 recommendation in concert. If you do, you will find they work really great for getting women, in a really easy, effortless way that works. Every player I know tends to use these 3 and enjoys having that lifestyle.

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